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Accidental Empires: Triumph of the Nerds
The Secret War: [Ep1] "Battle of the beams" [Ep2] "To see for a hundred miles" [Ep3] "Terror weapons" [Ep4] "If..." [Ep5] "The deadly waves" [Ep6] "Still secret" [Ep7] "The battle of the Atlantic"
Britain's satellite launcher: "Once we had a rocket"


My Homemade PBX  Homemade telephone exchange
Vintage calculators web museum  From valves to LSI. Great pictures
Coincident current ferrite core memories  BYTE Magazine, July 1976

Friends and family  my brother Michael  John Popplewell  Dave Berkeley

Radio & Electronics

Harry's Homebrew Homepage  Goldmine of RF circuits.
Keith's Vintage RACAL Site
Green Bay Professional Packet Radio  UHF and microwave projects. Many links.
Dan Doberstein's articles  Spread spectrum; GPS; SA605 ... and more.  free expert advice; often very educational.

Homemade computers

Please e-mail me if you know of any other homemade computer projects like these on the web:

My Mark 1 and Mark 2 FORTH computers!
Jeff Laughton's KimKlone co-processor.
Jim R Jones' OTHER-1 Minicomputer project (1974-1976)
John Pultorak's replica of the Apollo Guidance Computer
Donn Stewart's Home-Built TTL CPU
Viktor's Amazing 4-bit Processor
4Bit homemade CPU by Wiesner Thomas
Dennis Kuschel's MyCPU  Bill Buzbee's MAGIC-1
Dave Brook's Simplex Computer
David Conroy's PDP/4 & PDP/8 Reimplementations
PISC  Inspiration for my Mark 2.
Kilian Leonhardt's relay computer  Select "BILDER" for pictures.
Harry Porter's Relay Computer
Terry Ritter's Mark-8 Experience
John Doran's D16/M
Dieter Mueller's TTL CPU
Henk Stegeman's HJS22 VCF Photos
The Electronics Australia EDUC-8 microcomputer
Chaos Computer
Steve Chamberlin's Big Mess o' Wires

College / University projects

The Bennington LM3000
UTP Cloners
The Rice Institute Computer  1959 - 1971
University of Manchester
Rebuilding the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)
Rodney Moffitt's Micro Programmed Arithmetic Processor
William's homemade computer wire-wrapped 486


Build Your Own Forth  Threading models and more.
Forth Chips  NOVIX e.t.c.