My last trip with ...

The John Bull Surfing Club

Kingsdale in the Yorkshire Dales.

I'm looking a bit worn out!

Relief at last - almost smiles ?

Cheers !

Left to right: Paul, me, Jack, Jim, Ewan and Simon. The cave is Mistral Hole. The wooden planks are there to stop sheep falling down the entrance.

The John Bull

Front bar Photo by Dave McAlister

The John Bull public house on Layerthorpe, York was built in the 1930s in the Brewer's Tudor style. Having been closed for many years and used to store car parts, it was re-opened in 1983 by Neville Hobson who decorated it with a collection of period advertising signs. There was no jukebox, no fruit machine and no television. Popular with students and locals, it sold a wide range of fine cask-conditioned real ales including Timothy Taylor's Landlord. My friends and I were regulars. Despite a passionate and energetic campaign to save it, the John Bull was demolished in 1994 to extend the forecourt of the adjoining car dealership. This two part film, made in the last days, captured the atmosphere well.

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